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Aune X1 is launched! Yay!
The Yulong U100 is amazing! It is little known by the stores but it is very well built and the sound is incredible and very low price!
O2+ODAC pleeease!
If you can drop the O2+ODAC, see if they give an upgrade option for the Limited Edition as well.
O2 + ODAC Combo would be great
There already is a poll for O2 and Odac, just request it. I think this poll is intended for X1, so better go here and request it and let Aune X1 have a shot. I might get X1 if it happens sooner than Maverick Dac's, cause waiting sucks
Does anyone have a good suggestion for an integrated DAC/headphone amp that can take an analogue in (i.e. have the option of bypassing the DAC and just using the amp). Oh, and it not cost a royal mint?
Topping D3 or Maverick TubeMagic D1 Plus. I'm waiting for the Maverick to happen because at 209 $ it also has tube preamp and has good reviews. You may also want to check this list of DACs:!133&app=Excel&wdo=2&authkey=!AEponrhEGhQmwKM
Please lets get that ODAC!
Hi Everyone,
We've spoken with Aune and we'll be working with them to launch a new iteration of their X1 within the next couple weeks. Stay tuned for the launch and save your pennies until then!
We'll update the group once the X1 is live,
Since Odac is chosen from this poll, can or will Aune X1 be chosen aswell?
I have the Schiit MODI. A really awesome little DAC for the price.
Let's get a damn ODAC drop finally!
Um why is the X1 Mk1 even a choice lol? let alone second place? haha