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I must have a ZT301 unfortunately it is discontinued....
I got mine when they came out and I carry it almost every day. That knife is like family to me.
It'd be good to try and get a few of the next limited edition of ZT here, I'm hoping it doesn't cost as much as the 0999.
0220 is sooooo sexy
I carry a 0566BW everyday and I love this knife. It's just solid, no blade play at all. I also have a 0562CF, and just like the 0566 there's no slop to speak of. That one sits in a safe though, just too pretty lol. I've had my eye on the 0770CF for a while, I've held one in a store and it's very light with a great blade shape, again just a solid knife. I don't think you can go wrong with any ZT aside from many of them being very large.
I ended up picking up a zt0900 that I had custom anodized. Best small knife ZT makes imo 👍(even if you don't dig the ano 😀)
Might we actually see a ZT knife drop? There have been plenty of Kershaw so it seems feasible! If we can get high end audio gear and everything else, why not high end production knives? 😎
EDIT: please make it something actually EDC'able. I got the 0566cf for a song and even though it's a smaller ZT it's still too large and heavy for me to stick in my purse.
the 0566 is one of the smaller ZT's out there, 0770CF is similar in size but much lighter.
I have the 0301 Ken Onion. Damn nice edc blade.
I have a ZT 0560 for sale for 150?
Came across your post on here. By any chance do you still have the blade for sale?
Still working on this, but haven't seen any movement between SHOT Show and Blade Show. We'll keep trying...
561 is a monster.. Too big to edc. 566 & 562 people!
I have a ZT0550 gen 3 that I carry every day. I love it.
Is this poll going anywhere?
Hi guys, We have had conversations with ZT and they are working hard to support their existing dealers and not taking on new dealers right now. We are not giving up. Will let you know as soon as we make some progress.
You all should check out my poll, if you don't like this knife:
People really shouldn't be voting for the ZT 0560 , 0561, or its other varients, due to the fact that they're discontinued, and as such the likelihood of getting a bulk buy is basically non-existent. Peoples votes would go to more use on the 0566, which is still in production. Would have a higher likelihood of succeeding at getting a bulk buy together
I love my 0566. I carry it everyday.
Added 0566CF and 0350SWCF options, both with carbon fiber (CF) scales.
Zero Tolerance 0560BW Blackwash Hinderer Flipper Knife
Zero Tolerance 0560BW Blackwash Hinderer Flipper Knife