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Nov 3, 2016
Just got mine. Long time musician but relatively new to the audiophile game, though I do think I have an ear for what sounds correct - I'm pretty sure there isn't much coloration while I have my acoustic guitar in hand ;-). These are comfortable, easy to drive and sound ok. There's decent punch without being overwhelming (note: Radiohead - 15 Step) but the lows and mid lows do seem to bleed a bit and muddy some upper frequencies. These were purchased as a travel option for when open cans aren't really an option. I can already tell that at the highest volume my s7 puts out vocals can sound a *little* shouty (note: David Bowie - Five Years). Detail and sound stage is great for closed cans and any sort of portable amp would be great for these. At the price, amazing.
Nov 3, 2016
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