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We keep our fingers on the pulse of your interests and how we can help you make the most of them. Every project starts with your input because we want the finished product to live up to your standards.
With our imagination and your inspiration, next-level products come to life. Some projects find us joining forces with leading brands, and your voice is our guide every step of the way.
The best products call for the best materials, technologies, and manufacturing partners from around the world. Finally, a no-compromises QA process ensures every Drop product is up to the task.
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Drop 40L Backpack Designed by Dan Durston
A Treat for Travelers
Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland Disclaimer: I am not a thru-hiker nor am I an Ultralight-type camper, but... I just got back from my trip to Iceland, and this backpack was an excellent choice. Instead of my regular travel bag, a hefty compartmentalized Tortuga backpack, I chose to go for something more minimalistic and weight-friendly. I knew I was going to be moving around a lot so I wanted something a little less clunky. We had a spare prototype of the 40L Backpack in the office so I decided to take it along to try something different. This bag has a lot of space despite how compact it appeared to me at first. I was able to squeeze in a week's worth of clothes including all my warm wear (thermals, sweaters, etc.), GoPro stuff, airplane things like a book and small pillow and still had room to spare (the side pockets especially). I regret not taking a photo of all of the things I brought strewn on the ground to illustrate this, but nonetheless, I was impressed. I...
Jul 11, 2019
Drop 40L Backpack Designed by Dan Durston
A Message from the Designer, Dan Durston
Thanks for checking out the Drop 40L pack. As the designer, I think you’ll find it is a forward-thinking ultralight pack that delivers new levels of rapid access to your gear along with versatility, durability, and performance at an ultralight weight. The future of ultralight packs is having more of your gear readily accessed so you can spend more time enjoying the hike and less time digging through your pack. The Drop 40L pack breaks new ground here with an innovative side pocket that, in combination with hipbelt pockets and running vest-inspired shoulder strap pockets, puts more of your gear within easy reach. Other packs on the market are exploring features like bottom pockets to put larger items close at hand. That functionality is wonderful but bottom pockets come with the downsides of low item security, a loss in durability (due to the exposed mesh) and a vulnerable position for items like cameras. The unique left side pocket of the Drop 40L solves this compromise...
Jul 3, 2019
Drop X-Mid 2P Tent Designed by Dan Durston
A Tent Built for Two
We Heard You! The Massdrop X Dan Durston X-MID 1P Tent has been by far the most successful outdoor product in Drop’s history. No other product has seen engagement even close to the levels we saw on the 1P tent. Over 5K of you have hit the request button, 2K comments have been made in the discussion, and so far 45 reviews have hit with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. But there was one thing that many of you have been asking for that up until today we could not give you: a two-person version! We teamed up with Dan Durston again and got to work. We kept the basic design, two big vestibules, and the need for only two trekking poles. With the 2P, however, we made the inner wider so two people can comfortably sleep next to each other. An inner footprint of 47” x 92” offers enough space and guarantees a great night sleep even for the tallest of hikers. With the new, roomier inner, we updated quite a few construction details like the position of the vents on the fly and the...
Jul 3, 2019
Drop + MiTo GMK Pulse Custom Keycap Set
The Mitolet Kit
The Mitolet violet color is a result of a sampling mistake during one of MiTo’s projects, but the color turned out to be so beautiful in real life that he decided to include it with the Pulse SA R3 project. The design became a hit and Pulse GMK kit wouldn’t be complete without an extra versatile and compact kit - the Mitolet, which includes MiTo’s mysterious XX) face design and universal keycaps to suit almost all ortholinear, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL and custom keyboards.
Jul 2, 2019