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Drop + THX AAA ONE Linear Amplifier
Introducing Drop + THX AAA ONE Linear Amplifier
With the success of the AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier (and now the Panda Wireless Headphones), our partnership with THX is only getting stronger. Now, we’re excited to announce our latest collaboration: the Drop + THX AAA™ ONE Linear Amplifier.  The ONE will be the new entry point for ultra-clean, linear sound in a desktop headphone amplifier. Just like the 789, it’s designed to optimize your audio experience. While the 789 provides more power with its balanced design, the ONE will still drive most headphones with ease. It’s also built with an all-metal enclosure to protect the technology inside. Now we’re including a pre-amplifier output that allows you to connect the amp to a powered speaker and switch back and forth between headphones and speakers on the fly.  Here are some other highlights: Ultra-low distortion AAA™ circuit with high-voltage swing Ultra-low noise THX architecture (less than 1 uV of output noise) Power to drive demanding headphones with ease (Up to 2000...
Apr 22, 2020
Drop Ibara Slim Rinse Denim
An Inside Look at Production
We’re working with our partner in Okayama, Japan to wrap up production on the Drop Denim Ibara Slim Rinse. The factory we’ve teamed up with is a family-owned outfit that’s been making top drawer jeans for denim-head brands and powerhouse runway labels for decades. Here’s a look behind the scenes at production. We can’t wait for these jeans to launch, hopefully in about a month. [video]
Apr 6, 2020
Drop + Dickies Cramerton Chinos
Dickies - Womens Workwear
While this product is still available - let’s not neglect to mention how great the 874 can look on women. Whether skater style or glam basics as above, these are the same full shape pants that has put Rachel Comey and Jesse Kamm on the bottoms map which helped to drive this trend to the forefront of popular fashion. There is some easy math to remember and that’s add 3 sizes - Women’s size 28 = Men’s Size 31 and so forth. If you are between sizes 28 and 29 - my recommendation is to size-up to the 29, add 3 sizes and go with Mens 32. For the perfect fit, some tailoring maybe needed in the waist. The Dickies 874 should be worn with some room in them as minimal shrinkage (3%) will happen. I hope women get into this product and wear a great pair of pants and history. It takes a special attitude - they look great when worn with some swagger. 
Mar 10, 2020
Drop + Audio Technica Carbon VTA Turntable
Get More Out of Your Turntable With VTA
Today, we want to take some time to cover one of the major Drop-exclusive improvements on our Audio Technica turntable—so important that we included it in the product name. That feature is known as Vertical Tracking Angle, or “VTA” for short.  While there were many great features in the original version of the turntable (no surprise, given Audio Technica’s prowess in the industry), we felt strongly about including VTA to allow listeners to fully explore the wonderful world of cartridges. The importance of the cartridge on a turntable cannot be overstated. Since it’s the part which actually generates the electrical signal that gets amplified into the sound you hear, it has a major impact on the sound. While the Carbon VTA is designed to work out of the box with the pre-installed cartridge, we also wanted it to be usable with a broad range of cartridges. Enter VTA. VTA allows the tonearm height to be adjusted to compensate for differences in the height between different cartridges....
Feb 25, 2020