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We believe the best way to make inventive products is to tap into the knowledge and ideas of passionate people like you. From our own exclusive designs to collaborations with leading brands, every Drop product is informed by the community.
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We keep our fingers on the pulse of your interests and how we can help you make the most of them. Every project starts with your input because we want the finished product to live up to your standards.
With our imagination and your inspiration, next-level products come to life. Some projects find us joining forces with leading brands, and your voice is our guide every step of the way.
The best products call for the best materials, technologies, and manufacturing partners from around the world. Finally, a no-compromises QA process ensures every Drop product is up to the task.
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Drop + Eric Ochs Lynx Titanium Liner Lock Knife
Our Next Collaboration with Eric Ochs: The Lynx
Hey everyone, We’re stoked to launch the new Lynx, our second collaboration with custom knife maker Eric Ochs. Our first collaboration with Eric, a production version of his Orca design, was a big hit with the blade community, but on the larger side for more casual users/collectors. The Lynx is small enough to slip into just about any pocket, and has a blade that will do 99% of the common tasks an Orca can. Eric’s custom design was already proven in the knife world, so there wasn’t a lot we needed to improve or even wanted to change. But we did want to take advantage of Reate’s CNC-machining capabilities to create some textures that are just not possible to do by hand. You can see the results in the S-curve pattern milled into the scales, which are connected by the pattern milled into the backspacer. We had a pretty good idea how this milling would look on G-10, but weren’t sure how it would look putting the same curves through the woven carbon fiber. We were very...
Jun 17, 2019
Drop Merino Hoodie
The Results Are In!
Thank you for all the great input and feedback on our development process so far! The amount of involvement blew us all away and we are super stoked on what you gave us to work with. Half-Zip vs. Full-Zip The discussion was too close to call. So our conclusion is to make them both! A lot of you agreed that for a mid-layer this will be a great way to go and we have already found the perfect 100% Merino fabric for such a product. Once we are through the busiest phase of development with the half-zip we still start working on a full zip hoodie design. Based on your comments will tweak it a bit more towards outerwear with zippered pockets and do some exploration on other features you talked about in the discussion like a chest pocket, venting, water resistant and wind proof construction. Colors Based on your input we will go forward developing Black, Olivine, and Bluestone in solids and we are going to try to do the Black-Olivine Color block if we get enough orders...
Jun 14, 2019
Drop + Fostex T-X0 II Planar Magnetic Headphones
The Most Modded Headphone Ever Just Got Even Better
Greetings everyone, Since we launched the Fostex T-X0 planar magnetic headphones back in 2017, we’ve been paying close attention to your comments and feedback. We’re excited to announce that we’re working on a brand-new version of the Fostex T-X0, the T-X0 II, which uses a combination of parts from the original T-X0, and now the T50RP MK III. The first T-X0 was based on the famed MKII model and was made in a limited batch. Since that time, Fostex rolled out with an MKIII version and we are now in a position to bring back the T-X0 with some new refinements. Tuned Up This headphone is widely known for being tuned and modded by many companies and the community. We took feedback from the original T-X0 and worked to address those concerns (wooly bass, etc.) The new tuning is something that is a bit more linear than the first version and closer to the T60RP. We also experimented with different densities of foam which are inserted around the driver opening. The less dense...
Jun 12, 2019
Drop Women's Denim
Fit Testing Our Women’s Denim
Heading to LA Things are moving along! The next step in our process was to travel down to LA to meet with our denim developer. A denim developer is an expert in all things denim. They schedule fittings and work with fit models to make sure the fit is just right, and they determine where we should be changing the pattern to make the jeans more balanced. Our denim developer works with top labels in and around LA, so we were excited to get to work with her on this project. Another expert we collaborated with is one of Los Angeles’ best fit models. Fit models have commonly shaped bodies that fit specific sizes perfectly. It’s their job to know all the different fits for their size on the market, and to help offer feedback on things like thigh width, pocket length, overall comfort, and anything else that could be improved before the final product is made. The Modified, Relaxed-Skinny Fit Working with the developer and fit model helped us nail down the perfect...
Jun 10, 2019