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Drop + Dickies Cramerton Chinos
Dickies - Womens Workwear
While this product is still available - let’s not neglect to mention how great the 874 can look on women. Whether skater style or glam basics as above, these are the same full shape pants that has put Rachel Comey and Jesse Kamm on the bottoms map which helped to drive this trend to the forefront of popular fashion. There is some easy math to remember and that’s add 3 sizes - Women’s size 28 = Men’s Size 31 and so forth. If you are between sizes 28 and 29 - my recommendation is to size-up to the 29, add 3 sizes and go with Mens 32. For the perfect fit, some tailoring maybe needed in the waist. The Dickies 874 should be worn with some room in them as minimal shrinkage (3%) will happen. I hope women get into this product and wear a great pair of pants and history. It takes a special attitude - they look great when worn with some swagger. 
Mar 10, 2020
Drop + Audio Technica Carbon VTA Turntable
Get More Out of Your Turntable With VTA
Today, we want to take some time to cover one of the major Drop-exclusive improvements on our Audio Technica turntable—so important that we included it in the product name. That feature is known as Vertical Tracking Angle, or “VTA” for short.  While there were many great features in the original version of the turntable (no surprise, given Audio Technica’s prowess in the industry), we felt strongly about including VTA to allow listeners to fully explore the wonderful world of cartridges. The importance of the cartridge on a turntable cannot be overstated. Since it’s the part which actually generates the electrical signal that gets amplified into the sound you hear, it has a major impact on the sound. While the Carbon VTA is designed to work out of the box with the pre-installed cartridge, we also wanted it to be usable with a broad range of cartridges. Enter VTA. VTA allows the tonearm height to be adjusted to compensate for differences in the height between different cartridges....
Feb 25, 2020
Drop + Audio Technica Carbon VTA Turntable
Drop the Needle
At Drop, we’ve earned a loyal following through our exceptional headphone and headphone amp collaborations. From our original collaboration with the AKG K7XX back in 2014 to our best-selling Sennheiser HD 6XX and our newly-released Drop + THX Panda, we've worked closely with some of the industry's top names to develop great-sounding products for every listener. Having established ourselves in this area, we are now looking to branch out in the two-channel space, which includes speakers, turntables, and speaker amps. The Drop + Audio Technica Carbon VTA turntable will mark our first turntable collaboration.  While vinyl has remained a popular listening format among the dedicated, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years to include many new fans searching for a more tactile music listening experience. As fans of vinyl ourselves, we created a great sounding turntable that hits all the marks: user-friendliness for new vinyl listeners, and exceptional performance for...
Feb 7, 2020
Drop + Dickies Cramerton Chinos
Quintessential Khaki
When you think what makes the quintessential Chinos or Khakis, what comes to mind? It’s difficult not to think of Cramerton Mills & Dickies. How bout a pair Cramerton Army Cloth Dickies? Dickies was built on their use of Cramerton Army Cloth making over 9 million uniforms in WWII that turned them into the workwear giant they are today. Cramerton Mills, was one of the biggest producers of fabric in the US, yet as many US textile producers (like the recent shuttering of Cone’s White Oak Mill in Greensboro, NC), they closed production in 2015 and original Army Cloth has become a highly coveted fabric. By chance, a friend at Dickies mentioned they had 3 bolts of narrow goods deadstock Cramerton Mill Army Cloth (the real McCoy) sitting on the floor in their Uvalde, TX factory. We quickly placed an order for 150 pairs of 874 fit Work Pants in this iconic fabric.  If you are interested in a pair please like and request. There are only 150 available, so keep...
Jan 28, 2020