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Keyboard Club
Save up to $100 per month on your favorite mechanical keyboard gear by joining Drop Keyboard Club.
What is Drop
Keyboard Club?
Drop Keyboard Club (DKC) is an annual membership program that offers monthly discounts between $30 and $100 for members to use on any mech keys gear.
Here's the breakdown:
Earn 5 points for every eligible dollar you spend on Drop Studio products
$69 per year (that's $5.75 a month!)
Use on any eligible order
Your first and second year price is only $49 with code: JOINTHECLUB
More DKC Membership Perks
All Drop Keyboard Club members will be automatically enrolled in a monthly draw with a chance to win keyboards, keycap sets, and other mech key products—at no extra cost!
Be the first to order keycap sets from your favorite brands, specifically curated for and only available to Drop Keyboard Club members.
DKC Exclusive
Celebrate your enthusiasm for keycaps with a unique DKC community badge. Be on the lookout for other DKC members when posting in the community.
Members will have the chance to become early-reviewers for unreleased keycap sets and other products launched on Drop.
In the Works
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Purchase an annual membership and become a Keyboard Club member today.
Get Discounts
Visit the Keyboard Club page each month to reveal your discount.
And More!
Monthly draws, exclusive launches, social badging, and more!
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What do I get with my annual Keyboard Club membership?
A monthly discount between $30 and $100 that can be applied to orders consisting of mechanical keyboard products.
Access to monthly drawings for free mech keys products, exclusive only to Keyboard Club members.
Access to future keycap launches made available only to Keyboard Club members.
A chance to participate in our pre-release reviewer program.
On-site badging to show your Drop Keyboard Club status to other members.
Will the discount apply to all Mechanical Keyboard products sold on Drop?
Yes, discounts can be used on any mechanical keyboard product (including artisan keycaps).
What happens if my order is not at least $100?
For orders under $100, the discount you rolled that month will be converted to a percentage discount. For example, if you have a $30 keyboard club coupon, you'll be able to take 30% off on orders under $100 (and $30 off on orders at and above $100). Yep, this means if you roll a $100 coupon on any given month, you'll be able to take 100% off an order under $100.
When do my discounts expire?
Each monthly discount will expire 30 days after issuance at 11:59 PM PT. Don't worry, if you missed your chance to use a discount for a specific month, you'll be issued a new one the following month!
Where can I find out more about planned Keycap releases?
The roadmap for the foreseeable future can be found here! Take a peek at both the in-stock and preorder sets we're planning to release over the next few quarters.
Tell me more about these monthly draws?
Being a Keyboard Club member makes you automatically eligible for a monthly raffle. At the end of each month, you'll have the chance to win a selected mech keys product. This thread will be updated regularly with details and results of the draws.
What's the likelihood of the different discount amounts?
Each monthly discount has a 70% chance of being $30, 15% of $40, 10% of $50, 4% of $60 and 1% of $100.
Can I cancel my membership?
Your membership will auto-renew on the annual anniversary of your subscription. You can cancel any time before your renewal to avoid being charged for a subsequent year. Once purchased, membership fees are non-refundable.
Become a member and expand your keycap collection!