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Community Rules and Guidelines (updated September 2022)


Drop encourages community interaction and discussion between our members. In order to make the site an enjoyable place for all to spend their time and participate in the Community, we have a few rules and guidelines for members to adhere to. The primary takeaway is to be nice to others and don’t spam or shill products - simple enough, right?  Etiquette Members are expected to treat each other with respect, and be courteous of each other’s opinions and advice, regardless of their relative experience. In particular, the moderation team will be responding to content which falls into the following categories.  Personal Attacks / Threats - It can be easy to forget, but everyone you interact with online is another human in front of a keyboard. And if they're not, then why bother engaging in the first place? Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and personal attacks / threats will not be tolerated on the site. Repeatedly attacking other users will result in escalation beyond moderation of posts.  Discrimination - Hatred of any kind is not condoned by or permitted on This includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.  Arguing / Yelling - Discussion and (even somewhat heated) debate are allowed. We all know how passionate niche hobbyists can be about particular topics. Keep the conversation away from the problem areas detailed in these guidelines, keep things civil, and everything should be okay. We reserve the right to step in and cool things off if the debate gets a little too spicy.  Offensive / Inappropriate Language - While we're not personally opposed to curse words, we want to keep the site as family-friendly as we can. To that end, cursing and other "adult" words should be avoided when posting on the site. There's always another way to say what you want, and plenty of other outlets for that particular language.  Slander & Libel - Don't make false or malicious claims about other people or organizations. Sharing a negative opinion or review is fine, but don't engage in discrediting individuals or organizations for unrelated issues with blatantly false information or hearsay. This includes posting speculations as if they are fact. Wild speculations that are intended to persuade others may be removed for spreading false information.  Personal Information / Privacy (Doxxing) - Posting ANY personal information about another user or individual is strictly prohibited. Please do not post your own personal information either - addresses and email addresses will be edited out of posts to protect your own identity.  Impersonating Others - Similar to the above two points. Impersonating others is prohibited, as well as creating multiple accounts with which to agree with yourself or pile onto others.  Trolling - There's really no point. We will remove it and take further action if the behavior continues.  Posting Guidelines
Spam - Spam of any sort is not permitted on the site. If you are repeatedly posting the same content over and over, you are likely spamming. If you are advertising an MLM or other scammy product, you are spamming.  Advertising - We love community projects and the process that goes into them. If you want to share a project you're working on or have completed, you are more than welcome to do so. However, spamming links or promoting across the site are not permitted. This is a community to take part in, not take advantage of.  Buying / Selling / Trading - Please refrain from requesting or offering items to purchase on the site. It can be tempting to ask in a product discussion section if anyone has an item and is willing to sell it to you, but we simply don't have the infrastructure for this sort of transaction. Places like /r/mechmarket, geekhack's Classifieds, and a slew of marketplace discord servers are better suited for person-to-person sales.  External Promotional / Purchase Links - Linking off-site to a product for sale, competitor site, or for other promotional purposes is not permitted.  External Informational Links - Unlike the above point, sharing informational links or other links to continue conversations is permitted and encouraged. The intent is not to create a silo of information at  Illegal Activities - Do not use this site to conduct or discuss any illegal activity, no matter the severity.  Copyright-Protected Material - While this broadly fits under the "illegal activities" point, it's worth calling out specifically. Wrongly posting any copyright-protected material is not allowed on the site. Observe all relevant laws, EULAs, TOSs, and NDAs when posting copyrighted material.  Adult Content - Just as "adult" language is not permitted on the site, adult content is also prohibited. This includes pornography and similar content. If you are not sure whether something falls into this category, it probably does.  Off-Topic Posts - We appreciate wide-ranging discussions, but would like to avoid derailing things whenever possible. Use your judgement on this one - Community posts are going to be more forgiving for this than a Review, for example. Unless a user is a serial offender and taking things very far, don't stress about this point; we'd rather you have fun and engage in conversations than fear punishment for accidentally veering off-topic. If you feel unsure about sharing something potentially off-topic, no problem! You can always start a new thread about the tangential topic.  English Language - While we are proud to be an internationally-operating organization and value our users around the world, we ask that all posts on the site be made in the English language. Our moderation team and the vast majority of our users speak English so this facilitates effective communication for all.  Reviews Reviews shall follow all of the rules and guidelines outlined in the Etiquette and Posting Guidelines sections, as well as the following addition.  Review the Product - Users browse the review section to get an idea of how the product will perform to expectations and hold up over time. Any issues with the organization or delivery of the product to you should be left out of a product review, as these do not relate to the quality of the product itself. Reviews violating this rule may be removed to ensure overall quality and relevancy of reviews across the site. Product Questions Product Q&A posts shall follow all of the rules and guidelines outlined in the Etiquette and Posting Guidelines sections, as well as the following addition.  Ask a Question - Non-questions will be removed from the Q&A section of a product page. Comments and other discussion-related items should go in the Discussion section. Flag Posts to the Moderation Team Should you come across a fellow member breaking these rules/guidelines, please report the post by clicking the “Flag” button in the drop down (three vertical dots) located in the upper right of every thread and and lower right of every response post. Edit 2023-06-08: Added "Product Questions" section

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Oct 14, 2023
Greetings. I am wondering if anyone knows where to get higher end audio equipment serviced in So Cal, specifically the Palm Springs area. I have a pair of Snell speakers and an NAD amp which needs some TLC. Thank you.
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