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Jan 3, 2015
Just recieved mine from Canada Post. Ended up paying 21.50 for taxes, not bad, but i would have preferred nothing (as does everyone else). Was order #88 and received serial number #81.
Listened to them and they sound quite good. Iv'e been using Razer Orca's for the fast five years and i thought they didn't sound too bad for the money. Since i don't have an external Amp or DAC I had to rely on my on-board sound (Maximus vi formula with built in amp/dac). I could not hear any interference from my rig when either listening to music or when nothing is playing. I don't think a stand alone dac would make a lot of difference.
From a person that has only listened to mediocre headphones, these performed decently well. I did notice when i turned up the volume, the highs became a bit harsh to listen to (cymbals and hi-hats and high guitar notes). Ill do some research on what amps can help with reducing the highs a bit. the mids and lows are pretty good. Again I'm used to bass heavy muddy headphones and noticed a drastic clarity improvement. Listening to Something from Nothing by the foo fighters in wav format was insane, i didn't realize how many sounds i can hear from these cans. im quite impressed.
As far as I can tell, i am not experiencing any sort of rattling and even listened to some frequency tests and didn't hear anything cringe-worthy.
I'm thinking of saving up for an amp like the Lyr 2, but might go with an ODAC depending what finances are like. Plus i think tube rolling could be fun!
Overall, pretty impressed with the headphones and am quite happy with Massdrop. You guys did a great job, thanks.
Average music listener turned snooty audiophile :)
Jan 3, 2015
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