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Mar 2, 2018
LifelongCaboose's AKRacing Gaming Desk Review
I would like to start by saying Thank You to AKRacing for offering to send this product all the way to Canada for me to review and compare. It really shows that they have a lot of confidence in this product. While I think they were unaware that I have being doing product testing and reviews for several years now it seemed it just worked out well. This will be my first formal furniture review so please feel free to leave any feedback or questions. 
Introduction I will be comparing the AKRacing Gaming Desk to the IKEA Linnmon / Adils desk combination. These are two very different tiered products, one being a high end premium product aimed at gamers while the other being a cheap budget for masses option. I will also mention a few other desks towards the end in the same range as the AKRacing desk. 
Pricing and Packaging The AKRacing Gaming Desk cost $349.99USD directly from AKRacings website but is on sale for $299.99USD, it was $229.99USD on Massdrop with free shipping in the USA. The Ikea Linnmon desk greatly varies in price, its starts at $24.99USD for the smallest 39" top with the cheapest legs and goes up to $207.99USD for the 78" desk with two drawer units. All the table tops and legs are all different prices and sizes but today I will be using the $35.99USD 47" Desk for comparison. You can pick them up at any Ikea or pay a kind of steep shipping charge of anywhere between $20-$50. 
The AKRacing Gaming Desk came in a large and very heavy carboard box, the box looked pretty messed up and damaged but AKRacing packages these desks very well and while all the white closed cell foam was cracked and made a mess when unpacking, the desk was in perfect condition. 
The Ikea Linnmon Desk comes in separate pieces, the table tops are just covered in a cling film and the legs in plastic packaging. 
Assembly, Build Quality and Overview The AKRacing Gaming Desk comes in 5 pieces. The desk top which is made of MDF which is a strong engineered wood product but in humid environments it can swell and become very fragile. Which is thankfully why it has been Laminated in a PVC coating to prevent this from happening. The top of the desk top is covered in a faux carbon fibre vinyl wrap. The faux carbon fibre vinyl is surprisingly smooth but still has a little texture but where the desk curves at the front and tapers down the faux carbon fibre vinyl there has more texture and is weird contrast I wish it was as smooth as the rest. The desk top has part of the solid steel frame attached to it. Then you will need to attach each of the two steel leg to the frame with 4 Bolts on each leg. The desk also comes with 4 feet to adjust the height of each leg, as I sadly have carpet in my office I ended up taking the feet off. I do wish the feet were easier to adjust when the desk was standing up and it would be nice if the feet were a little bigger. Once the legs are attached and the desk is upright you can attach the cable management tray to the back with 2 Bolts. The bottom inside of the cable management tray has a velvet like fabric on it which I'm not 100% sure why it's there. The tray has a depth of about 84mm, so most surge protectors should be able to fit on the tray. Overall, it’s a decent cable management implementation. The only thing that bugs me is that none of the pictures on the site show the cable management tray and I'd recommend AKRacing too add some pictures of it. All you have to do now is bolt on the Headphone hanger which is a nice addition, its goes on with 2 bolts on either the front left or right side and can be aimed in any direction. But yet again no pictures of it on the site. It's a very simple 2 wire style headphone hanger and should work fine for any headset or headphone with a headband that isn't that deep but do note with this type of hanger if you have a heavily padded headset or headphone top band the 2 steel beams can wear down the foam from the pressure of it hanging. A hanger than contours the top of a headband is much better for your headsets or headphones. So overall, it's easy and quick to assemble it took me less than 20min. It's extremely well build, I was easily able to sit on the desk and it didn’t waver at all. I was able to attach a triple monitor desk arm and had no worry's about the desk breaking it handled it with ease. This desk frame is seriously a tank and I would like to stress that this desk is very heavy and very durable, one of the reasons this review was delayed a few extra days was because I broke my office chair is the dumbest way. After I wrote this review but before final edits were made I had to move the desk, so I decided to just lift it over my head (Do not try that at home) in hopes to move it over all the other furniture I had in my office and of course I dropped the desk. I had it about 6-7 feet in the air and dropped in onto my office chair breaking the arms off the chair. But before you question why I'm telling you this let me tell you the desk is completely fine, it fell over 6 feet onto a chair and landed on its side weird and aside from the side getting a little scuffed up and the bolts getting a tiny bit loose it's in perfect condition. I tightened the screws slightly and even after that fall it doesn’t wobble any extra and is just as stable as it was one it was first build. AKRacing you did a fantastic job on the build quality. Though this isn't a big deal for me but is something to note, while the Build quality of the AKRacing desk is great the included hex key is garbage, the bolts cut rings into the hex key stripping it making it unusable just after 5 bolts. This isn't a big deal for me as I have tons of hex wrenches but for someone who may not have some it could be very inconvenient to have to go out and buy one just to put together their desk. This won't be an issue for many people but I know this may bug some people if I knock on the desk the hollow steel frame Pings and reverberates a little bit. It's not a bad thing but I noticed when moving stuff around on the desk it would sometime happen.
The Ikea Linnmon/Adils desk comes in 5 pieces, the desk top is made of fibreboard that is covered in acrylic paint but the inside is made of recycled honeycomb cardboard it's not solid fibre board but is still surprising strong. The 4 legs are made of steel and have plastic adjustable feet. The legs come with a round metal base that screws into each corner of the desk with 5 screws each, once the leg bases are screwed in you simply twist and screw each leg into the base and the desk is assembled. Overall easy and quick to build. The desk does wobble more than the AKracing desk and isn't nearly as durable. You could not fit a monitor arm on this desk unless it had a very large top base or else it with break into the desk. But you can easily fit all the basics you need for your set up with no problem. There really isn't a lot to say about this desk it's a cheap simple desk that will work for the majority of people.
Comparing the two they couldn’t be more different; The Ikea desk is made to be as affordable as possible while still working for most people's needs. While the AKRacing desk is a premium desk that is built like a tank and can handle anything you throw on it. But they both share a similar issue, but its more noticeable on the AKRacing desk. This issue is the size, it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought but at about 46" wide imo is slightly too small. I understand its meant to be compact and fit anywhere but the big problem with this is there really isn't any room on the desk for a mid-tower or full-size PC. You could fit it on the back right tuned sideways but it would take up a lot of room on your desk. I also wouldn’t feel comfortable to put it under the desk as I may kick it because there wouldn’t really be enough room under it. The floor also isn't a good place for your PC as it will intake much more dust and if you have carpet that issue is much worse. Also, if you have enough room for a cabinet or something to place beside your desk for your PC too sit on why not just get a longer desk? I know not everyone will agree with me on this but imo I wish it was closer too 50". This issue isn't as big on the Ikea Linnmon desk as it comes in different sizes to best fit your area. But the biggest down side with the Linnmon desk is its only 23" deep which imo is not deep enough, the 59" desk is the only one that is 29" deep which is a good depth. So, the fact that the AK racing desk is 30" deep is great. The curve at the front is also very nice unless you have to sit slightly skewed to one side. But if you have a compact PC or a laptop setup the size will not be an issue. But the thickness of the AKRacing desk is way better at 0.7" it makes it much easier to clamp anything to it from a boom arm for a mic or a monitor. The Ikea desk is 1.3" and I have had a few things like headphone hangers that almost don't fit.
Aesthetics This is 100% personal option but I personally do not like the look of the AKRacing desk at all. The desk is almost all black but the legs have a racing pattern on it that colour will depend on the colour you pick. It comes in Blue, Red, Green, and white accents. The legs are in the overall shape of an R for I assume "Racing". I am not a fan of this leg shapes or design. The table top has the black faux carbon fibre vinyl that I mentioned before, and honestly, I don’t like the look of it at all. I have seen some people say in person it's not that noticeable but I would 100% disagree. It stands out and is the first thing everyone who saw it commented on. But I do find it funny that they put a Faux Carbon Fibre vinyl wrap on a desk that is as heavy as it is. Over all the desk has an extremely loud design that screams "GAMING". Some people are going to love this design but for me I do not at all like it. The website also states "From the side of the desk, you can make out the AKRacing logo. Plus, with its sleek carbon fiber look, the desk will jive in the office or the gaming room." But IMO this would not be a good idea for an office or any professional environment.
The Ikea Linnmon desk comes in many colours for the table top and legs. The table top comes in Beige, Black-brown, Blue, Geometric beige, Geometric Black-blue, White, and White/Stained Oak effect and the basic Adils legs comes in Beige, Black, Blue, Sliver, and White. So, you have many colours to choose from to match your setup. While the desk doesn’t look amazing or anything its very plain minimalist design is imo quite nice. It will fit in anywhere and you can use many different types of Ikea legs with the table tops. Also if you really wanted you could get a faux gloss carbon fibre vinyl to cover the top in for around $15. 
Final Thoughts, Scoring and TL; DR
AKRacing Gaming Desk
  • Build Quality - 5/5
  • Features - 3/5
  • Design - 1/5
  • Functionality – 3.5/5
  • Value - 4/5

The AKRacing Gaming Desk is the most well-built desk I have ever used. The design will be polarizing and while I do not like how it looks that doesn’t mean nobody will like how it looks. Its size and functionality are overall very good for the price the only reason I gave it a 3.5 is similar to why I gave features 3. It's called a "Gaming Desk" but asides from the looks what is gaming about this desk? The headphone hanger is about the closest thing to a gaming feature I can see. If it's going to be called a "Gaming Desk" it should have features that will benefit gamers like a mouse pad surface, USB hub, maybe a removable mouse bungee just something that makes it a desk for gamers rather than a desk with a gaming look.
Ikea Linnmon / Adils Desk
  • Build Quality 3/5
  • Features - 1/5
  • Design –3.5/5
  • Functionality – 3
  • Value - 5/5

The Ikea desk while not anywhere close to the quality of the AKRacing desk imo it looks much better and will fit in more environments. It's also anywhere from 1/6th the price to ½ the price of theAKRacing desk.
TL; DR Both desks are great for what they are and I could honestly recommend both. At $200-$250 the AKRacing Gaming Desk is a fantastic Desk, if you want a desk that will just work for anything you throw at it and pretty much never break then this is a great desk. So long as you like the looks. IMO at $300 I could only recommend it if you are in love with the looks. But if you just need something simple and cheap the Linnmon / Adils desk is what you should get. But if you want to spend around $200-$300 on a premium desk but don't like the look of the AKRacing desk then check out the Ikea Bekant, Skarsta, or Thyge which range from $100-$300 and they all have table tops as strong as the AKRacing desk but there frame and legs are not as strong but they do have features from Adjustable legs to the Skarsta's crank that turns it into a standing desk.
  • AKRacing Desk – If you like the looks and the size and just want a simple no bells or whistles desk that has 5/5 Build quality get this.
  • Ikea Linnmon series – If you want something cheap and simple get this.
  • Ikea Thyge – Fairly cheap and 4/5 build quality IMO the best price to performance desk you can buy.
  • Bekant and Skarsta– Looks great and build very well, if you need adjustable legs and still want great build quality and looks get this.

Some random final though, I will still be using this desk for a little while longer and if I change my mind on anything or have any more to add I will update this. I may even reformat it.
Mar 2, 2018
Aug 16, 2018
Thanks for the post... some quality information there. You might want to use more paragraph breaks in that first paragraph under Assembly, Build Quality and Overview . It's pretty dense, and hard to read.
Aug 16, 2018
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