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Dec 13, 2017
@ArozziScott, I received my order two days ago, and these really look and feel like a great piece of eyewear, but the glasses arrived with scratches on the lenses. I emailed the Arrozi support email address on 12/11/17, but have not heard back yet aside from the immediate automatic reply saying it is being reviewed.
Arrozi may want to rethink their packaging for these. I believe the reason these scratches happened is because the glasses sit right up against the plastic display window of the retail box, and that plastic rubs against the lenses, especially when it gets put into another larger box and sent through a parcel service. When I got the item I could see scuff marks on that plastic window and that the glasses didn't have any space separating them from it, and sure enough there were scratches on the lenses of the glasses.
Hope to hear back from the support team soon.
Dec 13, 2017
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