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May 20, 2014
bookmark_border btw i have shidenkai mid s zero xsoft s hein xsoft s raiden xsoft and 2 kai g2(best of the bunch, both bought for 10 bucks) all bought on amazon.
shame for all the peasants out there who haven't experienced first hand the awesomeness that is kai g2, the most common version of it which I bought is no longer available on amazon US so yeah fuck that shit. yall dont know shit about artisan anyways why would you even have ever heard of kai g2 and all its 3 versions
meanwhile shidenkai mid isn't really that fast comparing to a lot of other pads, and yes weaved included.
As for the best metal pad out there, geared titan ftw. Screw razer crap pads.
I have qck heavy, qck mass, qck, no qck+. I never touch them. qck heavy after heavy use becomes literal shit. qck mass is likewise so I sold it. Qck is basically pictures on top of shit. qck+ won't be better
May 20, 2014
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