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Ashland Leather
Feb 3, 2014
Hi everyone. I am Phil Kalas, owner of Ashland Leather and employee of Horween Leather Co. in Chicago. These wallets are made with the highest quality standards and are made from one of the finest quality leathers in the world, genuine shell cordovan. This leather is very hard to tan (it takes 6 months!) and is amazing for small leather goods. It is one of the only items you can have in life that only gets better with time: I like to make the analogy to a fine wine that gets better and better but you can use it every day.
Shell cordovan will never crease and develops an amazing luster and patina with normal use. Because of these characteristics these wallets will last multiple lifetimes and retain amazing qualities.
All Ashland Leather wallets are guaranteed to be free of material and construction defects. If a thread ever comes loose or you have an issue you can contact me and I will either repair or replace the wallet. You can contact me at or use the contact form on
There is a comment here about conditioning the leather: Really I do not suggest doing anything to the leather other than wearing it. You can follow my shell cordovan guide here:
Feel free to shoot with any questions! Wear it well.
Feb 3, 2014
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