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Mar 23, 2016
I see quite a few people complaining about the fact these are usb, however it does have advantages. I purchased these from the local best buy to replace my wireless skullcandy player 2 headset which had to be charging when plugged into the usb. The wireless version of this headset is the same way where you would have to wait for however long it took to charge to use them again. I do admit the usb is fairly short at about 6 feet but usb extensions are fairly cheap so you could probably add 10 more feet to that for about 10 dollars. These are fairly comfortable and are fairly light when compared to my player 2 headset but are still heavy if you are used to bose or sennheiser headphones. These also have the overly heavy bass that most gaming headsets have so if your into that they will sound great I went in and smashed everything from 500hz down to 60 hz on their eq to as low as possible so that I could actually listen to music with some fidelity. I guess this is expected for a cheaper headset though. The headsets virtual 7.1 is pretty neat but not a very useful feature if you plan on just using it for teamspeak/vent/streaming but you can turn it off in corsairs utility engine software. I would still recommend these even with the bass that I am not a huge fan of, especially since they remain comfortable for hours when wearing glasses which can be very hard to find. I also think the usb is a big advantage as you do not need to charge the damn thing leaving you without a headset for an unknown amount of time.
Mar 23, 2016
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