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Drop + Boba.Types DCD Lunar New Year Keycap Set

Drop + Boba.Types DCD Lunar New Year Keycap Set

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Feb 8, 2024
I am interested but which red keyboard is that? I would be interested in getting one with the full size 101 red keyboard.
It's the CSTM80 with an unreleased top decorative case. A little sneak preview of some of the things we've been working on. We don't offer a full size CSTM line keyboard... yet
YanboWuI have some red electroplated key caps. They're awful. If this the road you're going down, please stop! There's nothing less durable than that kind of surface. (I also collect vintage Japanese robot toys. The electroplating never survives contact with human skin.) Some nice power-coated red aluminum with some decorative designs would be worth $100 to me. Even red plastic with some nice printing on it like the green ones would be great.
InwardsOh boy, do I have something to show you. Yeah the plating is interesting but quite the fingerprint magnet.
YanboWuI'm all in for that! I'm a total sucker for red/burgundy/maroon boards!
It's our CSTM80 keyboard with a prototype red PVD plastic case.
LukasMWill it be getting a release or only prototype?
AbsurdismWe’re still ironing out some production issues but we do hope to be able to sell it.
Feb 8, 2024
I've never pulled the trigger on building a keyboard - now I'm ready - does this kit include everything to build my mechanical keyboard? Or is there something more that I need to purchase? (please be kind)
This is actually for a keycap set - if you like the keyboard shown in the photos it's our CSTM80 with an unreleased decorative case.
Feb 14, 2024
Is DCD profile the same sculpt as DCX?
Effectively, yes. If you examine the files on a technical level, you'll see differences, but using keycaps interchangeably you would not notice a difference. With more DCD keycap sets coming out lately, it's worth highlighting the differences a little more clearly: ▪️ DCD profile is exclusively a dye-sub product line (Drop Cylindrical Dyesub), made of PBT. ▪️ DCX profile is a double-shot product line, and can be either ABS or PBT (Drop Cylindrical X - multiple materials). Until now, we have only made ABS DCX sets. PBT DCX sets could have dye-sub sublegends, in addition to the double-shot legends.
does this set have a MOQ and require a minimum number of purchasers?
We’ll produce this no matter what, but this set has also sold well so even if we wouldn’t, it has already reached required volume for production.
Feb 9, 2024
Estimated ship date is
Feb 9, 2024
Says June 14th, 2024 PT. May have been added after your question. I guess they're pretty sure if they're specifying a time zone ;)