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Jul 15, 2020
I received the product today and have some issues which I emailed durgod support to fix them up: 1) Fn+keys not working, when I press Fn key alone the keyboard does turn the lights off except the other available keys for the specific functions, but when clicking them nothing happens (for e.g Fn+Del key - does not turn off keyboard light) ** It may be issue with my unit or my PC but I emailed them about it to help me figure out a fix. *** Edit: Got it fixed by reinstalling drivers, reconnecting keyboard and restart PC (only issue #1). 2) I've made few macros and encountered an issue that when releasing the macro key all other pressed keys are released as well, which means for example: I'm currently pressing "W" in a game to walk forward, clicking another key that has macro on it (for example "G" key) when releasing the G key, the "W" key is released aswell and stop working, therefore I need to click "W" key again to make it work.
  • This issue make it impossible to use simultaneous keys altogether with macro keys.. has to be fixed asap.
**** EDIT!!: All issues fixed and keyboard works flawlessly now, it seems like Durgod launched new software update (available to download on their website) with a whole new design and on the way fixed #2 complaint that I had (macro failure), so all good now and no further issues encountered so far.
Jul 15, 2020
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