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Dec 16, 2016
@BeachGuy, @CosmicBeing: This has been my experience so far.

From: JL <j******l****> Subject: Re: [Massdrop] Pending request: Specific Order Inquiry MD-18987-1358111 Fanmusic E6 Date: December 15, 2016 at 2:03:39 PM PST To: Massdrop Community Support <>
What is it that you would like me to respond to? I am currently waiting for the individual that Massdrop has partnered with to respond to Jodi's inquiry.
I understand that the volume of inquiries that you receive is high, but adding to my frustration by sending this automated message informing me that the ticket will be deemed resolved if I don't respond, is mind boggling. It demonstrates a lack of awareness, empathy, quality control, supervision and or management. It speaks to and brings forward issues that I would not be comfortable with people knowing about the businesses that I have kicked off and I believe Massdrop feels the same way. This is already a situation that is not attractive. Please make an effort to not make it worse.
J. Light
On Dec 15, 2016, at 12:02 PM, Massdrop Community Support <> wrote:
##- Please type your reply above this line -## Hi there,
We’re just wondering if you've had a chance to review the latest update from our Community Support Team. We provided an update some time ago but we haven't heard back from you.
If you'd like to provide an update, or require more time to work through our latest comment, simply reply to this email and let us know!
If we don't hear back from you we’ll solve this ticket within the next few business days.

Jodi Jodi (Massdrop Community Support) Dec 12, 11:07 AM PST
Hi J.,
Thank you for contacting Massdrop Support. I'm sorry that it took us a few days to get to your message, we're currently experiencing a high volume of inquiries and are working as quickly as we can to get them resolved. Thank you so much for your patience.
I'm sorry to learn that the QR code on the warranty card is not working for you. I have reached out to the buyer for this drop @MattT with your concern. You can also contact the buyer by putting @MattT via the discussion forum.
When I receive an update, I will reach back out to you. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Warmest regards,

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jerome.lig Dec 8, 11:18 PM PST
I finally received the item today. They are working and there seem to be no defects. My concern is their authenticity. In the warranty card there is a QR code to be scanned in order to check authenticity and to obtain further information regarding benefits. When scanned, I am receiving a "not found' message.
Please advise,
J. Light
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Dec 16, 2016
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