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Feb 24, 2016
Unfortunately, even at 80 bucks Fate Reforged boxes are a tough buy if you don't need the commons or uncommons of the set or if you don't have a group of people you want to draft it with (and in that case I would strongly recommend drafting Khans--triple khans is probably more fun).
The only two high value cards in Fate are Monastery Mentor and Ugin. If you absolutely need either of these cards you're just better off buying them as singles. With the only deck running 4 Ugin's rotating out of standard in a little over a month (and people already cutting copies in favor of World Breaker) you still are better off getting singles. If you need the cards from the set which are more or less eternal staples thanks to their inclusion in certain decks, you are definitely better off waiting until everyone puts them up for sale at rotation time in April.
Otherwise this is a great buy to draft with friends!
Feb 24, 2016
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