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May 1, 2017
Overall I think it's a great pack and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy and convenient backpack that will serve you many years.
However... After giving it my most serious consideration, I think the GG did a very bad job (personal opinion only) in updating the pack. Comparing to nimbus trace 62 + exo belt included
- Added weight for internal compression, also useless (imho) Added weight for "access" zippers, also less water protection Velcro opening = less water protection and velcro always fails after some time Compression system changed from guy lines to straps. This does not allow mods and updates and different tie outs roll top closure (adds weight, reduces volume, debatable since someone may see it as plus)

So sad, I realy loved nimbus trace 62 without the lid and with exo belt. This one seems to take a wrong route.

My perfect pack would be: nimbus trace 62 (not the access, on the picture) longer extension collar With exo belt With more baggy and higher bottom side pockets, ideally ending above second side compression strap to use it to secure the pocket. Bottom side pockets should be tight at the top and baggy at the bottom (had problems of things falling out while climbing and bending) Dipper and more baggy top side pockets, at least one of them cordura and not stretchy with water resistant zipper (preferably both) without lid with way more baggy front pocket
May 1, 2017
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