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Sep 22, 2017
Got mine today and its actually really disappointing. For something of this price I expected a lot more in terms of quality of the box and the screwdrivers don't ratchet! even my 2 dollar shop one does... The timber box is more putty than wood, the crappy screwdrivers dented the wood on the inside and the logo on the front looks like a 2 year old tried to paint it. Honestly I doubt I'll ever use the screwdrivers and just keep using my ratcheting cheap one until I breaks (already 4 years old and going strong) and just use the bits for it. I wouldn't bother buying this, go to a cheap shop or amazon and pick up a set and if it breaks in 5 years buy a new one still be saving yourself money and you won't be as disappointed.
Sep 22, 2017
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