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Jan 29, 2015
I found some Amazon reviews if that would help answer anyone's questions. I am wondering the same thing...Is it worth it for the higher price? ( ) "The wax is rich, yet supple. It melts with a minimum of smoking and, being wick-less, no carbon residue. It takes the stamp very well and holds its shape through the mail. This is quality stuff. It's expensive, but nearly worth it." "The first order of this wax was wonderful! The second was very sticky. Even when dry, it retains a very soft character and is likely to stick to other letters or the desk if it is set down for a length of time. Perhaps I just got a batch that was off; Like I said, the first order I received was my favorite wax to date. I'll try them one more time to see if the second one I got was a mistake. Would recommend, nonetheless."
Jan 29, 2015
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