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Nov 29, 2014
Tried contacting the vendor earlier today and they are still out of office due to the holiday. We have left messages/emails and should hear back from them early next week.
Due to the longer than usual delay on this, if you prefer not to wait for the studio monitor and want to have your order cancelled, just email us at, and we will process the refund right away.
If there’s any feedback or concerns, please feel free to email us back at
If you would like to wait for the vendor's update, expect an update from us on 12/2 or sooner if something comes up.
Nov 29, 2014
Nov 30, 2014
HassanSAny idea if these will be at my door by 12/17? That's when my shipping address will change for a month or so, and I really wanted these without having to wait an extra month. Either way, the way this entire drop has been handled is pathetic. The vendor knew there was a group order coming, they agreed to it. To agree to something knowing full well you may not be able to fulfill the request in a timely manner is horrible business practice, and I would stay away from them in the future. I expected a longer shipping time, but the lower price beat that out. Now, not so much. I ordered accessories needed to use these speakers with my laptop and they've been sitting around for a few weeks now with no use. Why wait over a month when I can spend an extra 30 or so dollars and get them here in two days?
Nov 30, 2014
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