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Jun 7, 2015
Gonna spring for one of these. Wouldn't mind seeing the BK-4 Machax again on Massdrop, though.
Or the BK-16 or BK-10 crewman.
I got the BK-22 (BK-2 with upgraded sheath) here during the last drop. While I love it overall, it's a chunky beast of a knife. Indestructible with normal use, but hella heavy and not a lot of finesse. Which is why something like the BK-16 or BK-10 would be a great alternative choice to see here.
Or an even smaller EDC Becker blade, like the BK-24 D'Eskabar in D2 steel.
It would also be great to see a drop on the aftermarket Micarta scales for these knives. I have some of these and it makes a huge difference in how safe and secure the knife feels in your hand when using it, especially when wet, or when chopping or swinging the blade.
This Magnum looks interesting. Almost like a thick chef's knife in 1090 Cro Van steel. Probably will be good for food prep in camp, except that you'd have to maintain it much more rigorously than stainless steel.
Jun 7, 2015
Jun 13, 2015
Hey K.T.N, keep an eye out for the BK4 Machax in the next couple of weeks. We're planning on bringing it back.
Also, we have run the BK16 before. Hit that request button so you get notified if we are able to run another drop for it.
Thanks for the Micarta handle suggestion, we're working with the vendor to be able to offer these as an add-on option at check-out on future drops.
Jun 13, 2015
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