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checkVerified Buyer
A good attempt with one fatal flaw
The issue I immediately experienced while type-testing this keyboard is in its layout placement of the [UP ARROW]-key *before* the [RIGHT SHIFT]-key. If only the column with the knob found on the left side was instead located over the right side (as it happens to be the case with most keyboards of this kind), then the extra real state provided with such change on the lower right side would've allowed for a correct placement of the afore-mentioned two keys. With that, the unforgivable constant issue of hitting the arrow instead of the shift key could've been prevented —a fatal flaw design-wise. Given my main reason for getting this product was for display purposes (as opposed to using it on a regular basis), I guess I can't complain much, so I ended up keeping it. My lower rating, though, is meant more as a warning for anyone considering getting this for regular (or even sporadic) use: In that sense, I simply could not recommend this particular item and I'd advise you to look at other options.
Apr 17, 2024
TiKiToPiaGotta agree with you on that layout choice... However, it was quick to adapt, I suspect hand size helps.... But yes, if this is one's first kit or Alice layout it's good you have made others aware....
Apr 17, 2024
Jun 9, 2024
TiKiToPiaGreat callout. Almost bought a secondhand one but this is a big design flaw that I don't want to spend time compensating for.
Jun 9, 2024
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