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Sep 19, 2014
I have a few kershaw's now. My current daily carry is a Kershaw Leek and even after a few months it's just way too pointy for me where I'm mainly looking at something to open packaging or slicing or something. Also the black finish is already starting to see some wear. Prior to that I had a Kershaw Drone which is similar to this but I quickly got used to the partial serration on leek. Been pretty happy with kershaw. I could never spend $100s on a knife that I'm using to open cardboard or that annoying plastic shrinkwrap stuff.
And yes the speedsafe mechanism is about as close you can get in the U.S. to a switchblade and not be a switchblade. What makes this not a switchblade is it's "lever assisted" which means you have to physically push down/in on the bump to push the blade beyond the tension of the spring that keeps it closed. At that point a spring 'assists' with opening it the rest of the way. A switch blade you press a switch and instantly you have a blade. (insert typical disclaimer that I'm not a lawyer and make sure it really is legal to carry this knife in your area)
Also worth nothing that people that may have a chive that's been sold on here or some other kershaw is this doesn't have a tip lock and as such requires considerably more effort to open than one with a tip lock. And for sharpening I just use a Smith's PP1 and every so often pull it through the ceramic part to keep ridiculously sharp. I probably do it more to remove any of the residue from stickers and such than to actually sharpen it.
Sep 19, 2014
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