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Jan 20, 2015
Hi everybody,
This has been escalated to my desk from Cameron and Hassan and I've read through the entire thread to fully grasp the issue at hand. I understand your frustrations and would like to address the concerns brought up, one by one.
1) Missed ship date
We have absolutely missed our estimated ship date. Keep in mind, this is an 'estimated' shipping date, not a guaranteed one. Unexpected situations arise from time to time that cause this to happen and it's extremely unfortunate, but it's part of the risk inherent to joining a group buy. That being said, it's inexcusable that when it was clear we were going to miss our estimated ship date, we didn't notify you guys and give you a detailed explanation of the situation.
2) Communications
Communications have been spotty and confusing. Earlier in this thread our CEO dropped in to validate your suggestions that we need to work on a system to make it clear which communications (updates) refer to which drops etc. I can guarantee you this is something that we're working on but it's a complicated problem. With previous iterations of our site, we received feedback that we were 'spamming' our users inboxes too frequently with updates. There's a healthy balance and we haven't hit that yet and we appreciate your feedback and are taking it very seriously. Regardless of method of communication, we need to be posting more details here more frequently when things aren't going "according to plan".
3) Vendors
We work with different LGS' since we aren't a WOTC distributor. We have a reasonably fluent system in place that help our vendors fulfill orders quickly and efficiently get the correct information to us. Keep in mind that there's still the critical step of us relying on people to commit actions (send us files, ship boxes, etc.). As all of you know, LGS' have varying size, scale and complexity- from large establishments running tournaments to single-entrepreneur storefronts. We're still learning a lot about who is more or less reliable (or resilient) and responsive. It is unacceptable that the group is bearing the brunt of this learning.
There are 3 strikes up there against us and that is far more than we should expect of any loyal Massdrop user. In addition to that, we were appalled to receive an update from our vendor this afternoon that although they dropped off all the boxes at the USPS last Thursday, apparently the postage was insufficient and they're still sitting at USPS. They were notified of this on Friday afternoon and didn't tell us till this afternoon, and since it's MLK holiday they can't fix this until Tuesday.
As a result, I've authorized the following actions to take place: 1) We have gotten an alternate vendor to go to their store early this evening and pack the entire order. We've also paid them to throw in a couple extra Khans Booster packs with every order.
2) They will have the boxes packed and tracking numbers sent to us as soon as humanly possible. The USPS is closed, but the labels have been generated and packed, and the boxes will be dropped off at the post office tomorrow morning. Some tracking numbers have already been sent out and more will come throughout the evening.
3) We'll instruct our first vendor not to fix the postage issue and just withdraw their initial shipment. I don't see why that wouldn't work, if it doesn't... it possibly means you'll get a second box for free (I wouldn't get your hopes up though).
4) Realistically, whether we ship new boxes or "fix" the old shipment, they'll still start their voyage in the postage system tomorrow morning. However, with this new method you will receive some extra boosters and we've significantly de-risked the situation since the first vendor that we relied upon has made multiple mistakes. The alternate vendor that we're using has been with us a long time and we trust them to get this done today.
Lastly, in the spirit in following this amazing community's creative efforts....
Forgiveness is what we seek, On the first day of this week.
Many errors were certainly made, But worry not, 'Divination' has been played, and your order will be on its way, with extra friends and no more delay.
Please accept this Khan'pensation, For facing this tribulation. The embarrassment of our glaring mistakes makes us feel like Kird Apes
Jan 20, 2015
Jan 20, 2015
Wow excellent response and some pretty good poetry too! Thank you massdrop!
Jan 20, 2015
Jan 20, 2015
I didn't even realize in this day and age it was possible to send things insufficient postage (I'm imagining a box with a ton of Forever stamps on it)... Thank you for the post-mortem though, at least now we have a better idea what actually happened (throw in the 3 holidays and it helps to explain it some more). Even if it was a bit late, the transparency is appreciated.
EDIT: Late meaning too late for some...
Jan 20, 2015
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