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Jul 29, 2016
I own this knife. Bought it for a 100usd awhile back. It's definitely a big knife but surprisingly disappears in the back pocket with the deep carry thin clip. The good. You are getting quality materials for the money. S35vn , titanium, g10 The bad. It's a bit of a hard knife. Feels hard in the hand with my hotspots that they should have chamfered off. So it's a bit raw feeling. You could sand off the edges. The detent is really soft. You will have to push the flipper rather than light switch it which is not so easy for beginners. Alternatively you can thumb deploy. The blade shape. I love the way it looks but function? Ok I bought this as a backpacking knife but honestly doesn't fit that role. It's more of a tactical or tacticool design for search and rescued. The tip is very strong and can you can pry with. The other cutting area is good for thinner material maybe like paper or a seatbelt. The reason I feel it's not so much an outdoor knife is you can't chop well with the design. It's uncomfortable with on the hand. Slicing on wood is not efficient either. It's a bit clumsy outdoors. But I can stab and slice cans all day.
Jul 29, 2016
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