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May 16, 2015
I'll put it like this. I bought 3 KMC Double Sleeving Kits, and 1 2-pack of Decktutor Four binders because these are all products the Professor from Tolarian Community College recommended. Got my 2 binders weeks ago, these were version 1 which are super hard to find, couldn't be happier. These however, woof. $25, and I have to take this wierd configuration of 3 KMC Hyper Mat black, and 2 KMC perfect fit. Which on Amazon, to get 3 Hyper Mat black at $6.00 each times 3 = $18.00, and 2 KMC Perfect Fit sleeves rounds up to $7.00. Altogether, $25.00, takes only 2 business days with Prime. Super fast shipping, and greater customization of color and perfect fit sleeve amounts. I definately have my regrets, especially with the shipping. If I had known it were coming from Japan, I'd have been cool. I'm not sure if I didn't read the listing well enough when I had placed my order. Massdrop, yer' sending me mixed signals here BABY!
P.S: I'm not sure how we as a group amassed a compact car in savings, amounts are above, do the math.
May 16, 2015
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