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Dec 20, 2017
DAMMIT LM, stop tempting me!!
When I saw the first drop for the Drayton I almost pulled the trigger, but talked myself out as I already have several duffels/weekenders, just not as nice. The temptation has proved too much this time round. Justifying as a Christmas present from me to me. (Thanks a lot Tyler....)
To anyone on the fence - based on my past experience with LM products, their leather goods are gorgeous, fantastic materials and quality construction. Proud owner of one of their Calhoun satchels in chestnut ( Although I have a few minor peeves with it in terms of features (size of penholders on the front, the fact the interior sleeve won't hold A4 size paper/magazines), it is a truly gorgeous bag, and has become my go-to satchel, both work and casual. Not the cheapest leathergoods but you get what you pay for with LM. I don't think I've seen anything of comparable quality in the same price range.
Curious to see how the whiskey colour looks in real life - I previously had my heart set on the chocolate Drayton, but am now thinking the whiskey may actually end up being more versatile, and isn't too light colour-wise. It's very hard to tell the exact colour with the various pictures, on MD and the LM site. Based on past experience with the Calhoun though, I know I am not going to be disappointed.
Dec 20, 2017
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