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Jul 11, 2018
This light is a MONSTER. It is VERY bright. Throws a beam a LONG way (over a mile). It is also very heavy, and very large, way bigger than I thought it would be... but throws a lot of light! It is also somewhat difficult to charge, as the Lion cells have to removed and charged in a separate charger (not included). There are 8 of them, and my charger only takes 4 at a time, making the charging process cumbersome. Still, once charged, the light seems to last a long time, especially if not being run at full power - and for many tasks, full power is way overkill. I intend to use this light on my boat, for spotting unlit buoys and other obstacles in the dark, and I think it will do a great job of that. If you want a monster light, and are willing to put up with the charging complications and the extreme size and weight, this is a light that's hard to beat.
Jul 11, 2018
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