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Sep 5, 2017
I find it amusing, and somewhat sad, the animosity that some folks bring to the discussion.
Just remember, the value proposition of something like this is really more as a fashion accessory. The colors are arguably pretty nice, as is the titanium. Thus the premium price.
If you want a basic functioning flashlight, yes, you can find plenty of more reasonably priced choices that fulfill the function of a flashlight just fine. Go for it and be happy.
To call someone derogatory terms because they don't subscribe you your own personal view of things is wrong. Sad. As long as what people do is no skin off of your nose, why be angry about it?
Just as folks are free to purchase and drive a good basic car like a Honda Civic, or something more extravagant like a Tesla or Porche, why get bent out of shape about what people choose to do if it doesn't negatively affect you personally?
I, myself, do like the colors on this light, but really don't like single battery flashlights that are smaller than AA. I find that AAA runs down too quickly for my use.
If an AA version were offered in these colors, I would jump on that.
Sep 5, 2017
Sep 6, 2017
That is all true. But since you mention runtime ... if people want to bitch abut something, they should be bitching about the poor runtime that is light is offering even for AAA this is sad on high; you know bitch about the real specs of the light. If they want something more political they could bitch about the BS in the promotional text since Massdrop has little into the design of this light the OEM has been making this model in different materials for a long time. Massdrop has designed or manufactured nothing here. From their earlier messages it is clear that they don't even know how these things are constructed. Maybe the OEM lets them think so, but the design and specs say otherwise. So they offered them a first run on a new anodizing, that was so they could make money.
Now the good stuff, is the light is pretty nice looking and the color could be unique if the production quality is good and looks like the photos. Still having to wait is a pain. Why couldn't they just make the light and then sell it. There is no risk here. If you want to buy it and put in a good driver that would be pretty nice. Massdrop shoudloffer L-M-H and M-L-H options, or something more substantial. If they went back to the drawing board they should have designed a decent driver... then they would have something different.
Sep 6, 2017
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