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Jan 19, 2020
I love this amp. I have the SDAC-B XLR Split, one pair of signal to the THX 789 and the other to the LCX. I've yet to have my balanced HD 6XX cable arrive to listen to the Balanced sound... A friend says the output impedance is not nominal for IEMs even though they work, and Tin HiFi P1's are an exception since they can take more power. But as the Drop page says, they say it is designed to work with IEMs, yes there is no hum on sensitive type IEMs like the JVC FDX1 (this is moderate sensitivity). Anyway I just wanted to point out, because the grounds through XLR Splitter are linked to the THX in my case I noticed this abnormality where if the LCX is linked to the THX in any manner, such as RCA or XLR you get clipping or crinkled audio *if* the THX 789 is turned off. I read this previously in the comments and have come to confirm it seems to happen on XLR too, if it is sharing with the 789. So far after only testing the SE output and plugging in 2 iems on Balanced 2.5mm.. I can say I prefer this amp, and do listen at low level (10-11 o'clock 1x Low Gain). Compared to the Cavalli Tube Hybrid, THX 789 and Emotiva A100 the sound seems to be a bit warmer in bass whilst still having that 'Cavalli' sound. I know this amp is designed for Balanced output performance wise, but this new taste in sound has me very happy. Comparatively the THX 789 is clean accurate, so so transparent.. which is good but unlike the CTH which is less dark in comparison to the LCX. I mainly use the Emotiva for T50RP's but that has a bass boost with more hazy treble. I hope this proves useful for anyone out there who was looking to get an idea of what to expect from this amplifier, not a bad steal for $160
Jan 19, 2020
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