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Apr 26, 2018
Paired the HD 6XX with a JDS Element out of my iPhone 8 via CCK/Monoprice USB cable, and have listened to everything from Pantera to Bach at my desk at work for about a month; love everything about the sound, never @ more than ~55-60% on the pot. The level of detail and the sound stage are both outstanding, though these are also my first good pair of open-back headphones since my Grado SR60's 10+ years ago and coming from Thinksound ON2's and various IEMs (Ety's, Thinksound ts02, etc) it's obviously an entirely different animal. There's been multiple times where I missed a phone call because I was enjoying the sound so much, so be aware if you're using these at work!
I did a TON of research and almost bought the Schitt stack a few times, CTH-DAC combo, and Liquid Carbon-DAC combo (and eyed that THX amp for awhile but didn't want to wait until October), but I decided the simplicity of the Element works best for my desk and don't regret it one bit. Very highly recommended combo for a desk jockey.
Should also mention I went with a B-stock copper ring Element from JDS and honestly couldn't find anything wrong with it at all, easily worth the $50 in savings.
Apr 26, 2018
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