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May 4, 2017
Hey everyone, words can’t really describe how excited I am to finally announce the K-Type on Massdrop.
I learned about the K-Type about a week after I started here, and it’s taken almost two years from then to finally get to this point. A huge thanks to everyone at Input Club (@HaaTa, @OverKill, @Parak, @AndrewLekashman, @Jbondeson) who has put in enormous amounts of work the past couple years and learned a lot over that time.
When the project first started, Input Club wanted to solve the problem of a lack of a good RGB TKL keyboard on the market. While many more have been introduced since the conception of the K-Type, I can still confidently say this is one of the most advanced keyboards ever with some of the most thoughtful features I’ve ever seen. They’ve made something great and I can’t wait for the community to get their hands on it.
This is also a very special project for Massdrop. It will be one of our first keyboards that will work right out of the box. Instead of keyboard kits, which require assembly, the K-Type will be a fully assembled keyboard with no soldering required. The best part is Input Club added hot-swap capabilities to this keyboard—meaning it’s compatible with the MX-style switches of your choice.
Thanks again to the community for everyone’s support over the years! We’re beyond excited for this one to finally come to fruition!
May 4, 2017
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