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Oct 21, 2015
Hi @RitaN,
Thanks for adjusting the lowest drop point. I'm still finding the shipping cost confusing, though. Other current drops have less expensive shipping for the same amount of fabric (or more!). - 16 FQ, $4.31 shipping (same cost as this one was when offered in August). - 17 FQ, $4.31 shipping. - 17 FQ, $4.31 shipping. - 18 Fq + 2 1/2 yards, $4.31 shipping.
I really want to participate in this drop, but when shipping adds over 25% to the cost, compared to only 13% less than 3 months ago, the value is really lost. :( have you reexamined th service you're getting from your international shipper, t see if it actually warrants th price increase? As your customer, I'm not sure it does.
Oct 21, 2015
Oct 21, 2015
Hi @Jennifer23,
There are two answers to your question. Firstly, yes the new rates are correct on the Mini Pearl Bracelet bundle. One of the things we've seen with International shipping that causes the rates to look inconsistent is the weight of the package. Since the weights are rounded "up" to the nearest pound, sometimes very tiny differences in weight result in large differences in shipping costs (the difference between a 450g package and 460g package is effectively double, because it pushes it from the 0-1 lb category to the 1-2lb category). FQ's vary in weight by a considerable amount based on the the type of fabric and is the reason shipping prices can look inconsistent.
Secondly, the reason the rates are lower for the items you've listed is because they are part of our Bazaar. We have had these in stock for a little bit and are offering discounts on price, shipping and with no minimum group buy for our members to help clear out stock. Some of the items that are new to stock may only have a discount on price.
I hope my long winded explanation helps clear up any confusion. We're still sorting out some of the bugs and processes with our site as we grow- thanks for reaching out and being patient!
Oct 21, 2015
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