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Aug 18, 2016
So I am sorry to report that my Mionix Nash 20 Headset has died. First the mic went, started to be full of static then stopped completely, now the headphones are are dead too. Lasted about a year or so. Was very happy with this at first, albeit a bit heavy for all day wear like I use them for, but only 8 months or so in the mic stopped working. The potentiometer that serves as the volume control started to create static when turning about 6 months in. As an electronics enthusiast, I pulled the cans apart to see what may have failed and if it was repairable. What I found was the wires themselves are a bit too stiff and too thin to last a long time. I have not figured out why the mic failed, but the headphones failed due to wires failing where the cord meets the base of the headset, not at a connection point. I think this may be due to the fact the cable does not like any twisting at all and even with one rotation out of perfectly straight makes it bunch up. Very disappointed overall. The drivers themselves are very nice, as is the build of the headset itself, but the cable and internal electronics, mic and potentiometer pcb are not up to the same level of quality. A solid fix would be a better cable and hardwiring the mic and drivers to a usb DAC.....still not happy...
Aug 18, 2016
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