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Nov 30, 2018
I'll add my thoughts on these having used them for a month or so. In short they're everything I hoped and then some, the temperature where I live is usually hovering just above or below freezing all winter, and that is just the sweet spot for these I think. They block all sorts of wind, so I no longer have to have my hand go numb from cold holding my umbrella. Other than that wearing them is a joy, they feel geniely good, to the point where I don't take them off unless I'm inside for more than 10 minutes. They held up fine in -5 and no wind, but I'd put on something else if it was colder, or windy as well. In short, one of my best purchases in recent time, they are excellent for around freezing temps, and they both look and feel really great
Nov 30, 2018
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