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Any hope of bringing this one back?
TherocHi Tehroc,
why you use the LOGO of GEHA?
RobertSuper5 I basically learned to write with one, other's too, for sure. But Geha is not around anymore. So I use their logo as a tribute. It's because of a Geha that I love fountain pens.
TherocHi Theroc, Mine was also the first in green, but also no wonder, because I grew up in Hanover. The city of Pelikan and Geha. As a student, we have regularly participated in company visits, which was in the past. Now we are developing our own pens and inks.
RobertSuper5I grew up in a small town called Meckenheim, near Bonn-Bad Godesberg. My father was 'Kulturrat' at our embassy in Bad Godesberg. My first fountain pen was actually a Pelikan Schulfüller, but all the other kids had Gehas which were so much cooler. So I kept nagging my parents until they got me one. I assume you are the founder of Super5? If so allow me to congratulate you on a very well thought-out product.
TherocMany thanks!
TherocWhat, GEHA?
RobertSuper5Sorry, I don't get the question. Are you surprised I said the Geha was cool? Well that was in 3rd grade; everyone thought the Geha was cool. It had that button under the nib to break the seal of the second cartridge. As an adult I think it is silly; why not just use a long cartridge? For 3rd graders, however, it was super :)
RobertSuper5BTW, I noticed that FORMAT-DARMSTADT offers Otto Hutt products. Are you associated with Otto Hutt? If so, is there a chance the Design 04 will be offered again through massdrop?