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Apr 15, 2018
I would not do this again, actually Not sure I will ever purchase again. For the first mmystery drop I joined, then during the process I was kicked out of the drop, because it was sold out, then more were opened and people who were not kicked out got to join, before others who had already tried, then it was full again. This time I felt that what was represented in the drop was not quite what was sent. The $100 value was questionable and 2 of the three things that I recieved were not useful for quilting at all and a third was only a single use epp pattern for a 20” block. While quilting related, not very useful. I know that the statement was that they were new items, but these had been offered many times, the linen even had mass drop ribbon on it, and I felt that I was just sent stuff that didn’t sell and needed clearing out. i feel like if you are going to send items that are not specificly quilting you should add them in as extras, a “hey we know this is a little different, but we thought you might like to try something new” kind of an incentive—NOT as the basis for what was purchased in the first place.
Apr 15, 2018
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