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Feb 16, 2019
Great watch. Easy change straps are really "easy". The silicon/rubber picks up dust/lint a little, but not too much. Both straps are very soft and good quality. Watch is a bit big for my 6.25" wrist unfortunately so I ended up flipping it. Based on the measurement it's should be an ok fit for me, but the flat watch case with the flat lugs makes it wear big. I got the PVD all dark version. The dial is actually dark grey not black - it doesn't come out that way in the pics. The grey tends to come out as light grey in lighted conditions. The AR also isn't so good so a bit hard to read under glary conditions or in an angle where it gets light. The knurled crown is a nice touch. Fit and finish is really nice for the price - unlike Seiko everything aligns. Great watch, if it was slightly smaller a keeper for me for sure. Really like the vintage design
Feb 16, 2019
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