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Aug 11, 2017
i got this keyboard a few weeks ago, and here's a review so far.
this was my first mechanical keyboard and it felt MUCH better than easier to type on that my old membrane keyboard. in fact, after about a week, i tried typing on the old one and it felt so much mushier. very glad i bought this. i was leaning towards not buying it since it's offbrand and since it's cheap, i thought that it might be defective. i'm glad that i stuck with my decision to buy it. every key lights up in every color, and all of the lighting affects advertised are possible. i do have a FEW complaints with the RBG backlighting though. first of all, the manual is very confusing so i had to figure out most of it on my own. it helped a lot knowing that everything above the arrow keys changes the backlighting using the FN key. if you want the keyboard to be in a solid color, your options are red, yellow, green, teal, dark blue, pink, and white. now, before i bought the product, i was told that the backlighting was purple, but i find it to be a mix of pink and purple. i'm still very satisfied because i end up using the rainbow wave at day, and making the backlighting white at night to avoid distractions. a very minor thing (me being a bit picky) was the enter key at first. so the old membrane keyboard had the european style enter key where it's not as long horizontally but there was more space vertically. when i got the keyboard, i found myself pressing the \ key instead of the enter key, but i got used to it quickly and i never end up missing the enter key anymore, so hardly a problem for me. the keyboard has places for the cable to run along the keyboard (left, right, and forward) so it's more convenient for certain setups you might have. also a positive thing for me, i find that the keyboard is very sturdy and doesn't move much while playing a game or typing due to it's weight, and i'm happy since my old membrane keyboard moved a lot while using it. so i can't really give a rating or say "it's worth the price" because this is my first mechanical keyboard and i don't know how it compares to others, but all in all, i'm really happy i bought it.
Aug 11, 2017
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