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While I LOVE the Pi 3 and have more than a few of them doing work daily around the house (pi-hole, retropie systems with both TV's, small guest desktop computer in guest room) this deal just doesnt seem great, and is a bit confusing. The wifi dongle is useless (?), as the Pi 3 has BT and WIFI integrated.
Pi's are interesting because you can indeed find them for their $35 suggested price, but the essential extras often add up when bought separately, making kits the best option (usually). This is generally only true for the "basic kits" though, the "RetroPi/MediaPi" kits often are more expensive than needed. I recently built my second retro pi with a $45 kit as described below and $10 for 2 PS2 USB Controllers, and still came out cheaper than this kit by a decent bit.
Personally I would do a quick ebay search for Pi 3 and get a kit that includes [Pi 3 - Power Adapter - SD Card - Case - Heat Sinks/Fan]. These kits can be found for under $50 quite easily and provide everything you need to get started right away, other than an HDMI cable perhaps.
Would LOVE to see more Pi kits and accessories, but just in kits that are better curated or put together for specific types of projects.
Jan 29, 2017
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