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Jun 30, 2014
I've got two of these and have yet to use them for anything other than showing my mates about how well built they are. They are just, well, tactile. Are they worth $120? Well, if I was going into a hazardous environment and needed to make sure something was kept safe, then they'd be worth their weight in gold. They are very cool for camping, although I'm guessing there are cheaper alternatives to boil water in. The only trouble with them is that I don't want to damage them, they are a thing of (geek) beauty. I think that once these are gone, they'll be gone, 'cos I don't think that Ti2 can make, and sell them at a good enough profit to make them worthwhile. I can't say enough good things about the bloke who's company makes these. I'd use mine a lot more with work if I made a neoprene sleeve around them to stop them getting marked.......
Jun 30, 2014
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