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Oct 15, 2018
I’m surprised to see this on Massdrop, though I don’t know why. This is in line with Black Friday special prices last year, and after christmas sales.
^ Hardcore enough for ya? Sennheiser GAME ZERO and PC37X ”just” fit great over the headset.
I have had the PSVR for about a year and a half now, and it is one of the coolest, most futuristic products I own. The new depth of interaction, 3D, and controls feels better and more immersive than any resolution or graphics bump we’ve seen in the last 10 years. Games like SuperHot, EVE: Warzone, and Resident Evil are BEST played on PSVR, but unique games like SPARC, Farpoint, Star Trek Bridge Crew, Persistence, and other VR-exclusive experiences really show how VR can be a fresh new way to interact and play.
Not only is the 3D way better than anything you’ve seen with glasses at a theater or active shutter glasses on a TV at home, but the head tracking is smooth and precise. In a good setup, it can even track you standing up, sitting down, and leaning a fair distance while playing. It’s true the PSVR’s total resolution is behind the Vive and Occulus, but it actually beats those with better lenses with less ghosting, faster refresh rate, better comfort (with the forehead pad taking all the weight off your nose and bones around your eyes), less screen door effect (gaps between pixels), and of course in price (for just the headset or a whole VR ready system). The OLED is great quality as well, with unusually good color resolution because each pixel is RGB, instead of needing four pixels of differing brightness to make up a color.
I did get a bit motion sick the first time I played Farpoint, a little headache and dizziness, but I felt fine after a short break, and eventually I developed “sea legs” and now can play VR (and ride in a car) much longer than before without feeling bad at all.
Playing VR is just so cool though. Holding up the aimcontroller in Farpoint to look down a scope (I need to try Firewall!) is intuitive and immersive, the precision camera movement and laser-beams-from-your-eyes accuracy of guns in Resident Evil while also being more scary due to the limited first-person perspective and 3D (not 7.1, but actual binaural 3D!) sound, the physical exertion of SPARC, situational awareness in EVE starfighters... man, even the feeling of being a sea monster in the free VR Playroom app is so awesome (Someone needs to make a monster simulator game, STAT! Also, more headset vs TV co-op games).
Even on an OG PS4 these games are fun and play well. I did recently upgrade to a PS4 Pro, to get “the best PSVR experience,” and the graphics are a liiiiitle bit better... but nothing stands out so far as a game-changer. Mostly, I like that the Pro’s fan is quieter and has an extra USB port ^__^'`
Sony invested a lot into this relatively mid-term product, with lots of great games coming down the pipeline. Recommended buy, especially at less than $250.
Oct 15, 2018
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