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Oct 29, 2015
i was about to sell mine on the bay of E, when i made more of an effort to carry it for a couple days, and i have to say it is actually a pretty good knife, feels good in the hand, good solid construction, useful blade shape, and contoured handle is nice.... only things i don't like are: - the same lame, flimsy wire pocket clip.... you'd think on a knife this pricey, they'd put more work/thought into the pocket clip - the spyderhole is so low that it is difficult for me to hook my thumb or other fingers into it for a more convenient 1 handed opening (eventually i was able to get it down, but it's not as intuitive as normal, or as consistently easy), the groove on the non-locking side just needs to be slightly larger or be beveled to allow easy access - and the lock bar on this model is actually pretty easy to over extend.... this is the only knife i've ever had where i thought this might be an issue, i have the titanium sage which doesn't have this issue, and a CR Sebenza 21 which it isn't an issue.... only this knife do i fear this may ever happen.
anywho, overall i am happy with it and am going to hold on to it until i start getting into more midtech/customs if that ever happens as this is definitely a nice production knife
Oct 29, 2015
Oct 30, 2015
I can understand how the clip may seem flimsy. But this wire clip happens to be my favorite clip out of every clip I've tried (across all different brands) for these reasons:
1. It's got the perfect amount of tension for EDC. The tension is light, yet perfectly secure. And because the wire is rounded and has very minimal surface area, there's very little negative impact to your pants pocket. That sound silly and trivial, but when you're carrying a knife day in and day out, a tight or sharp-edged clip can wear and shred your pants fabric pretty quickly.
2. It's visually almost invisible. Because it comprised out of two matte grey wires, the clip is very hard to notice. I like that. It doesn't call attention to itself and announce that I'm carrying a knife. In fact, I looked in the mirror the other day and was quite pleasantly surprised at how unnoticeable the clip was. One really wouldn't notice it unless one were focused on looking at the pocket area for some reason.
3. It's a low profile clip. It positions the knife deep into the pocket. Again, this is great to keep the knife discreet. Other types of clips can elevate the end of the knife by 3/4 of an inch above the pocket line, if not more. That might not be a big deal, but I prefer not to advertise or make a show of my knife. This clip does that for me.
4. I find it plenty durable. I don't handle my knifes roughly, including when I'm taking them in and out of my pocket. With normal, non-abusive use, I don't see why this clip couldn't last the life of the knife.
So I think it a great clip. Certainly my favorite out of everything I've tried so far.
Oct 30, 2015
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