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Jun 7, 2016
aaand it's still cheaper on Amazon once you factor shipping costs with Massdrop. I did pick up one of these off of Amazon last time. I concur everyone that these have extremely tight clamping factor. Actually, most of Superlux's products have a fairly tight clamp, but this is one of the worst. With that said, these are meant for djing so I see why the clamp has to be tight. But still, you should probably look for another pair if your objective is general music listening. Since the whole band is plastic, you won't really be able to stretch it out either. I've left it stretched almost flat over a week period without any improvement in the clamping factor. If anyone has one of these and managed to stretch them out, please share.
Sonically, these are pretty great for the price. It's definitely not a neutral/critical listening pair, but I've been able to enjoy listening to just about any genre with these. It won't match higher end cans, but for what it is, it's great.
Also, while these are fully plastic, it is definitely some type of durable plastic. It's different than the cheap plastic stuff you might see from off the shelf headphones or low end gaming headsets. As I mentioned above, I've basically stretched the headband almost flat over the box it came with over an extended period and it shows no sign of stress or cracking. The material makes me feel that I could drop these from my head to concrete floor or toss it carelessly in a bag full of stuff without cracking the plastic, which is much more than I could say vs other cheap headphones or even some of my more expensive pairs. It is all plastic so it's not going to look super premium, but it is durable and fairly well built for its intended purpose. It also comes with a set of replacement velor pads (which I felt is cheap and isn't as good as the pleather it comes stock in) and a carrying bag, so for the price, it's definitely a good value.
Jun 7, 2016
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