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Apr 5, 2017
Unfortunately, the feather seems more appealing than the writing utensil -- the merlot's my fav, and I only have a teenager to worry about at home! Though I'm truly sorry poor Will Shakespeare has to claim yet another abomination in his name.
But if a practical but eyecatching fountain pen with stand is needed, look no further than Platinum's Desk Pen and Pen Stand. It comes in black and red I believe with a Japanese XF, F or M nib. I bought the black with med nib, which writes a true western fine, in order to use their awesome carbon black ink without damaging my good pens. The pen cost me $12! It's a type of disposable, and the goodlooking stand prices at about $15-20 depending on retailer. The A----- sells it as do a few online pen stores like Pen Chalet and Goulet Pens.
To Massdrop Admin, please take us seriously as consumers of writing instruments and accessories. Whimsical is welcome but not that wretched kitsch. And I was just ogling that newish Taccia monochrome fountain pen .... this feather thing makes me wonder about the company but everyone gets it wrong sometime.
Apr 5, 2017
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