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May 31, 2016
Im getting an iPhone 5S for free from somebody (I know, I know, Android is love, Android is life, I want an Asus Zenfone Max but im 17 and not yet employed). I have the funds to repair the phones display and replace the battery as well as get some new ear buds. I have Mee Audio MT-21s but I'm not quite all for on ear or over ear cans in school. I don't exactly have a specific taste in sound signature, just so long as I have clarity. What do the Monk Plus earbuds sound like? V shaped? Bright? Dark? and would an iPhone 5s have a decent enough amplifier to run these amazingly 64 ohm buds? I have HD558s (50 ohm), not the best but the best i've owned and I'm the proud owner of the first HD558 3D printed aftermarket pad adapters that allowed me to put HM5 on these and boy is it different. I have not yet tested the hybrid or velour HM5s. A 4th gen iPod ran my 47 ohm M20Xs whenever those things still worked, didn't have much of an issue. I had the owner of this website make me some adapters if any of you are interested. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for them. ,OEM pads made these... Bright when burning in and neutral when burned in with some mid bass and warmth. It seems as though I'm getting too much time with these headphones. I can interchange OEM and pleather HM5s , there's gives and some takes. This comment is butchered but I think I got the point across in there somewhere. Dyslexia is great.
May 31, 2016
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