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Mar 20, 2018
These knives are DOPE AF. This was the first Victorinox (also called Forschner) Fibrox handled knife I got and it's been my main workhorse in the kitchen. I've since filled out my collection of their knives with a slicing knife, pairing knives (not Fibrox sadly), a utility knife and a filleting knife.
These knives are sharp as hell and the handle has great grip dry or wet and is comfortable while doing it. Sure they don't have the flash of a Shun or Wusthof but they cut great and you won't be a sad sack if something happens to it.
I would get this knife if you like to cook or want to start cooking, even if you already have a chef's knife as it will either be better than the knife you have or be an inexpensive backup to your fancy knife.
Mar 20, 2018
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