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Jun 17, 2016
Hey All, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on these bags after having tested them out for a while. - The hood and draft tubes on this are this are the most outstanding feature. The hood has a baffle around it to really cinch up for the coldest of nights. The back of the neck has a draft tube that's fairly normal, but the front draft tube is shaped like a travel pillow and perfectly seals around your neck every-so-gently. Both baffles have a microfleece lining that feels soft against the skin. This sounds like a great idea, but honestly, if it's that cold that you need to seal up the baffles, then you probably are wearing your extra clothing anyways and therefore won't have much exposed skin to actually touch the microfleece. -The materials are highest quality, with brand name Pertex fabric and flurocarbon-free water-resistent down -FlowGate technology is a more complicated, expensive design but is supposed to keep down from shifting -The full-length #5 zipper is smooth and robust. A #3 zipper could have been used to save weight, but possibly at the expense of durability -The zipper has draft tube on the inside, and a zipper flap on the outside to protect from wind. It stays sealed with a few pieces of velcro spaced out -The overall cut of the sleeping bag is not too trim. Unfortunately, no short or long sized bags are available.
I'm really impressed with these bags. I would say the High Sierra compares well with the Mountain Hardwear Phantom Flame, Marmot Ion or Marmot Helium.
Jun 17, 2016
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