Drop SHIFT Mechanical Keyboard keeps disconnecting

Hello, I just wanted some help in regards to my Drop SHIFT Mechanical keyboard.

The other day the keyboard kept disconnecting and reconnecting. now it connects and instantly disconnects, I hear the windows sound for plugging and unplugging, no lights come up at all.

I disconnected the keyboard from the USB port at the back of my motherboard and tried a different port, still doesn't work.

The keyboard works fine on another computer as far as I know, I haven't really used it extensively on that computer. 

I've tried reinstalling USB drivers and keyboard drivers nothing works.

I have completely wiped my computer, reinstalled windows, still doesn't work.

Pressed the reset button on the back of the keyboard, it didn't do anything.

I changed the LEDs for the keyboard on my other computer using the Keyboard Configurator using the mdloader stuff; thought all the lights use too much power. Still doesn't work. 

Thanks :) 


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