Oct 15, 2018

Community Focus

Now that board games and TCGs are their own communities... are we going to start being more focused on hobby stuff? How about miniatures, painting kits, etc?
ILikeAcid, gorian2222, and 1 other

Sci-fi collectables!
I want a biking related community
Maybe you could get something going in the outdoor community.
I for one would love to see miniatures kits, I haven't put one together since I was a kid. Pretty sure Lego isn't into selling here, but that would always be a big one for me. Again, haven't messed around with Legos in ages but definitely would love to have a few kits to tinker with at work.
Same, I'm thinking we need to start seeing wargaming and miniature painting stuff in here. I'd like to stop seeing stuff that good better in board games and cards l card games, right now this community is very redundant :(
I think this could turn into a great discussion!